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Buy PS4 4.05 / 4.55 Golden Firmware compatible PS4HEN
  • Buy PS4 4.05 / 4.55 Golden Firmware compatible PS4HEN
  • Buy PS4 4.05 / 4.55 Golden Firmware compatible PS4HEN

PS4 4.05 Golen Firmware PS4Hen

PS4 4.55
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 Modchip France offers PS4 FAT NEW! Compatible with the HACK PS4HEN - Buy PS4 4.55

We have a Limited Stock!

 Modchip France offers to upgrade your PS4 to Version 4.55

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Delivery Information of the Sony PS4 4.05 / 4.55

The order preparation time for a PS4 4.05 is from 24 hours to 48 hours after payment. Fast delivery: The delivery time is estimated between 3 and 5 days. (No shipping on Saturdays and holidays)

3 types of deliveries are available for the sky3ds (England):     

In case of loss, the risks are borne by the buyer - Guaranteed routing time between 3 and 5 days::

- PickUp relay point or PickUP Station setpoint

- In relay point post office.

In case of loss, Modchip France will refund or replace your order * 1 - Guaranteed routing time between 3 and 5 days:

- Colissimo with signature.

* 1 If your package has any external signs of damage, please refuse the package.
Otherwise you will not be able to benefit from a refund of your PS4 4.05 order.

Content of the offer - Purchase PS4 4.05 / 4.55 or lower firmware:

1 Playstation 4 FAT 500go new in its box

1 new controller

1 Power cable

1 micro usb cable

1 hdmi cable

PS4 4.05 the hack is finally here!

The hack has finally arrived on PS4 with the GOLDEN FIRMWARE 4.05.

Why the GOLDEN FIRMWARE? Simply because the hack is only compatible with FIRMWARE 4.05.

This PS4 hack is compatible with the 3 models of PS4: PS4 Fat, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro.

Several software exploits have been created on Sony playstation 4

Currently there are:

- Exploit Specter (first exploit of ps4: restricted ftp access + debug setting)

- Exploit IDC (gives access to all rights in FTP + debug setting)

- Exploit Xvortex (ps4 games dump by ftp)

 Modchip France offers to upgrade your PS4 to Version 4.05 (see option above)

If you update yourself, !! check before it's OK .pup 4.05 !! and not another update

Modchip France declines all responsibilities if you put your PS4 in a Firmware higher than 4.05

To date the Downgrade on PS4 is not POSSIBLE (31.01.2018)

PS4HEN the feat for the PS4 4.55 Golden Firmware, "jailbreak"

To launch your backup on PS4 4.05 / 4.55 it will launch a browser exploit PS4HEN to jailbreak your Ps4, there are several methods to date.

We will talk soon about the kernel exploit, on our Blog Modchip France

What can I do with my PS4 4.05 / 4.55 golden firmware?

 Make your own Game Backup (ie make a backup of your BLuray in .pkg)

The pkg is the file used on PS4, by FTP for example.

 The PS4 supports external hard drives in EXFAT format.

 Play your backup "games" PS4 (You must activate the PS4HEN every new start of the PS4).

 Play your PS2 games.

 Launch homebrews via Payloads (example of Payload 405 ftp.bin; enableWebBrowser-405.bin; etc ...)

 Ability to update your games with PSN Stuff.

 Block updates.

 Modding PS4 games.

 Access to the PSN is not possible in 4.05 / 4.55. No online games. (for the moment 31/01/2018)

 Play the game higher than 4.55, it is not possible to dump them for the moment.

Which games can we run on a PS4 4.05 / 4.55?

All games that do not require a system update higher than 4.55 can work.

In bulk we can mention: The Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, Infinite Warfare, COD Black OPS III, 2017 PES, NBA 2K17, Mafia III, Watch Dogs 1 and 2, Final Fantasy XV, For Honor, Last Guardan, Last Of Us, Uncharted 4, Lego Star Wars, Destiny The Taken King, Uncharted The Nathan Drake, God Of War, Horizon Zero Down, etc ...

PS4 4.05 2 year warranty

All our new PS4 firmware 4.05 are guaranteed 2 years for the firmware provided. If you decide to change the firmware, downgrade, official update or not, jailbreak the console, you lose this guarantee.

An official update of the console in a firmware higher than 4.05 will make the console lose value. This console can not be taken back under warranty.

Jailbreak manipulations are risky practices. We do not guarantee the game console for this type of manipulation.

Ps4 Golden firmware 4.05 / 4.55 hack PS4HEN - Purchase PS4 4.05 / 4.55

As usual, Modchip France does not just sell the PS4 but provides you with quality support to use it well. For over 10 years now, we are recognized for that, we do not let you delivered to yourself with our products purchased!

Articles about the 4.05 / 4.55 kernel exploit will be available regularly on our Blog.

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