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Buy Xecuter SX Pro module. 1st hack solution on Nintendo Switch to launch your game backups.


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Modchip France is the official distributor of Xecuter SX Pro for England.

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Xecuter SX kits are guaranteed for 12 months. Everything is shipped from our premises in France. Service returns will be at the same address.


Features of the Xecuter SX Pro for the hack of the Nintendo Switch

The Xecuter SX Pro kit will allow you to launch the RCM MODE of the console, a license for the CFW to install on the console. No need to open the Nintendo Switch console or need to solder. You will be able with this pack, launch your copies of Nintendo Switch games.

The SX pro is based on a hardware flaw, that of the Tegra X1, which is also present on the Nintendo Switch.

It is therefore impossible to patch this flaw!

The ultimate kit for hacking your Nintendo Switch includes:

A USB dongle type C "USB key", (use once to install the operating system)

A license of the SX OS software.

A Jig module to switch the console to RCM mode (Reliability-centered maintenance) "Recovery Mode on Switch"

Compatible with all regions.

Compatible with all firmware: 5.0.2 and lower! You can update your Nintendo Switch.

Change of video games in real time.

Compatibility with Homebrew available soon: possibility of retrogaming.

The backup games must be stored on a microSD formatted in Fat32 or ExFat. Video game copies must be .XCI format

The updates of the CFW (Custom firmware) are free and guaranteed for life. (SX Xecuter License)

Changing Rom games with the L / R buttons of the joy-con. Another method is under development.

Video of Team Xecuter concerning its SX module to crack the Nintendo Switch

New video Update 04/06/2018 launch of games and homebrew on Firmware v5.1.0

Using the Xecuter SX PRO Tutorial

1. Extract the SX OS on the microSD card of your Nintendo Switch.

Your microSD card can be formatted in FAT32 or exFAT

2. Insert the dongle and the SX Pro tool into your Nintendo Switch.

The dongle goes into the charger port, the tool into the right joycon rail.

3. Hold down the volume and press the power button, SX OS should boot.

You can remove the dongle and tool once SX OS starts.

4. Activate your SX OS license to enjoy all the features.

Enter the "album viewer" from the main menu and click on "license"

5. Enjoy the latest games and homebrew!

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