Sky3DS +: linker 3DS V3 Discounted Orange Button - R4 3DS - 3DS Card

Sky3DS +: linker 3DS V3 Discounted Orange Button - R4 3DS - 3DS Card

Sky3DS +: linker 3DS V3 Discounted Orange Button - R4 3DS - 3DS Card

The sky3ds + allows to play your 3DS games, on all 3DS * consoles, all Firmwares are compatible, the latest one 11.6.0-39E 

 The SkyDock is Offered with the sky3ds + At Modchip France!

  • For any question about this service concerning the sky3ds, the section Contact is available by choosing "Nintendo DS Customer Service".
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 The SkyDock is Offered with the sky3ds + * At Modchip France!

* The sky3ds is compatible with all models of 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, NEW 3DS / 3DS XL, NEW 2DS XL

 The sky3ds + compatible with the New 2DS XL

 Modchip France offers you the preparation of your sky3ds +, that is to say to update your Sky3ds + firmware V140 before sending, this option is available with micro SD * and without micro SD **

 * With a micro SD card the setting.txt will be present on the memory card and the sky3ds + will have a sticker to warn you that the linker has been updated in V140

 ** Without micro sd, it will be enough to put your games 3ds in your micro SD card and to insert your linker a first time to create the setting.txt, the sky3ds + will have a pellet to prevent you that the linker was updated in V140

Given the size of the 3DS roms, we do not offer 8 and 16GB microSDs for sale.

 Sky3ds + Shipping Information

The order preparation time for the sky3ds is 24H to 48H after payment. Fast delivery: The delivery time is estimated at 48h. (No shipping on Saturdays and holidays)

3 types of deliveries are available for the sky3ds (England):     

In case of loss, the risks are borne by the buyer - 72h guaranteed delivery time:

- In Relais Parcel point.

- In relay point post office.

In case of loss, Modchip France will refund or replace your order * 1 - 72h guaranteed delivery time:

- Colissimo with signature.

Conditions générales de livraison en Colissimo

Modchip France is Official Reseller of Sky3ds +

Buy the Sky3DS +, the most powerful linker on the market for 3DS, 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, New 3DS (XL)

This is the new flashcard model that replaces the Sky3ds V2 blue button.

Firmware V140 par Modchip France

With the new firmware V140 no longer need the file Gamelist.bin. The Sky3ds supports the ExFat and the launch of the Pokemon Sun and Moon games.

The new Protection AP is unlocked thanks to the linker Sky3ds +, all these 3DS games that launch without problem.

All 3DS games on the market are compatible with the sky3ds but here is a small list for example:

- Pokemon Soleil et Lune

- Fire Emblem If/Fates

- Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

- Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
- The Legend of Zelda : Triforce Heroes
- Thomas et ses amis toute vapeur sur l'île de Chicalor
- Goosebumps
- Pokemon mystery dungeon
- Shovel Knight
- 7th Dragon III Code vfd
- Hello Kitty And The Apron Of Magic Rhythm Cooking
- Barbie and Her Sisters Puppy Rescue USA
- Horse Life 4
- Stella Glow (USA) AP
- Project xzone 2 jp.

Pokemon Sun et Pokemon Lune vs Sky3ds :

Pokémon Soleil and Pokémon Lune are the two role playing games of the most anticipated Pokémon series for the end of 2016. These 3DS games developed by Game Freak are not yet compatible with the Sky3DS. The team is currently working on it to make its 3ds linker compatible with these 2 Nintendo 3DS games. Even if the 3DS roms of these 2 games are available for download, Modchip France will not provide any link to download these rom: the law requires to make even its own copies of games from its official games.

Update 13/02/2017: The V130 firmware that replaces the V112 now allows you to launch these 3DS games with the Sky3ds.

Update 26/05/2017: The firmware V140 allows the sky3ds + to be compatible with the skydock.

Sky3ds + test du linker 3DS par Modchip France... par ModchipFrance

Why buying a sky3ds + is the best choice you can make? Simply because it is the R4 3DS, the most powerful 3DS linker to date. The sky3ds flashcard works without any problem with all existing 3DS console versions but in addition it is perfectly compatible with the latest Nintendo updates. You can order the sky3ds, the first linker on the market, with your eyes closed!

Indeed, Team Sky3ds is very responsive and provides a lot of support on its linker 3DS, as you can see on the Facebook page of Modchip France or we relay all the updates of the Team concerning the sky3DS. Approximately every 2 weeks the Team provides updates for its linker to make it compatible with the latest Nintendo 3DS game releases. This R4 3DS is very powerful. The Sky3ds Plus has also supplanted the Gateway 3DS and the Super Card DStwo.

Features of SKY3DS +:

The sky3ds + plus is the 3DS linker that offers the most functionality on the 3DS card market. Here is the list:

The sky3ds works directly on the latest version of Nintendo 3DS 11.6.0-39 E / U / J.

 The Sky3ds is compatible with all Nintendo 3DS / 3DS XL, 2DS, NEW 3DS / 3DS XL console models

* No limitation in firmwares: Compatible also with 3DS, 3DS XL & 2DS in firmware (Update) 11.x, 10.x, 9.x, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x, 5.x, 4.x, etc.

 The sky3ds is an easy-to-use linker for children, Plug & Play.

 The Sky3ds is compatible Eshop (Possibility of access to the e-shop but not to play with e-shop games by the sky3ds +), compatible Mulitplayer and Online.

 Support multirom 3DSThe game change is done by pressing the Orange button of the sky3ds, it is useless to stay pressed. This allows you to move on to the next game.

Support all games "Roms" 3DS

 The sky3ds system is compatible with all 8GB *, 16GB *, 32GB *, 64GB *, 128GB micro SDHC / SDXC cards*. (However, we do not recommend 8 and 16gb cards that are too small for 3ds games size)

*FAT32 and ExFAT only!

 No need for the DiskWriter with the sky3ds plus, a simple copy / paste is enough on the micro SD card!

The trimm of games is no longer necessary for games of more than 4go. The Sky3ds plus supports the formatting of memory cards in exFat.

The sky3ds linker allows the Free Region, with the help of the HomeBrew launcher & Cubic ninja in .3cds

Modchip France is Official Reseller of Sky3ds. Modchip France (modchip83) is referenced on the list of the reseller of the Team on their website: - In terms of volume, we are number 1 seller in Europe in 2016 of sky3DS.

Tutorial for Sky3ds + update in V140

Update V140 is the latest update available for the sky3ds.

To update your sky3ds Plus, simply take the Firmware.bin and put it at the root of your micro SD card.

Firmware V140 par Modchip France for Sky3DS V3.

For this first step your microSD card must be formatted in Fat32 (Very important)

a) Put your memory card into a microSD adapter or a microSD reader to copy the Firmware.bin file to the root of it from your PC. (Now you should not use the USB cable provided with the sky3ds linker to transfer the file)

b) Put the microSD card back into the sky3ds linker and connect it to your PC using the USB cable. The leds of the sky3ds plus linker will flash red for 30 to 40 seconds, then green for 15 to 20 seconds. Attention, it is much longer than for the update V140.

c) The update of the linker ends once the led is off. You can then recover the linker. Do not unplug the sky3ds as long as the leds are on because you will be able to damage your linker irreparably.

d) Once the 3DS card is updated, remove the firmware.bin from the microsd card and format your microSD into exFat. (Formatting like this your microSD will allow you to put games over 4GB without doing Trim).

e) Copy your games on your microSD card and insert it into your sky3ds and go!

Reminders: The sky3ds V3 orange button replaces the sky3ds V2 Blue button. The limit of the 10 games of sky 3ds V1 no longer exists. (We are no longer selling sky3ds blue button).

Online Games: Plan a Private Header to play online games with your sky3ds and avoid a ban.

Warning: The sky3ds linker does not support ds, dsi, nds games. No RTS function (Real Time Save) For this use it will be necessary to refer to the Ace3DS, R4i gold 3DS, R4i SDHC, R4 Gold Pro, r4i sdhc 3ds.

Tutorial Sky3DS

As usual, Modchip France does not just sell the Sky3ds but provides you with quality support to use it. For over 10 years now, we are recognized for that, we do not let you delivered to yourself with our products purchased!

You can already, at first, watch our video on the use of sky3ds linkers present on this product page of our site. If you liked, do not forget to subscribe to the Youtube channel Modchip France not to miss reviews of new products or tutorials on hacked game consoles. We also invite you to have a look at our channel Dailymotion which is also provided in videos on the sky3ds. When a major update comes out we run tests with sky3ds to show you the compatibility of the linker.

Also on the Blog Modchip France you will find articles, faq and tutorial on the sky3ds, very detailed on the manipulations of this linker 3DS.

We have published a comparison of the sky3ds and its competitors (Gateway, BlueCard, sky3ds old version, the V2 Blue button) which will probably comfort you in your purchase.

To see: Currently a tutorial sky3DS + is in support of the video that will help you handling files to put on the microSD memory card.

Download Sky3ds

Always in the spirit of providing you with a lot of support, a Sky3ds + Download section is in place on the blog to offer you an alternative to the official website. This will allow you to download the latest Gamelist.bin and also the Firmware.bin specific to sky3ds.

For the most demanding of you and the big gamers, we invite you to look at the side of the 3DS hack: indeed 3DS Craked in CFW offer you much more possibility and at a price lower than a sky3ds. You can ship your Nintendo console to flash. The 3DS flash requires some technical skills especially if it is necessary to go through a downgrade of the console.

The skydock is offered for any order of a sky3ds. The sky3ds is the most powerful and best selling R4 3ds in the world.

The sky3ds does not allow to launch nds games (Old DS).

Modchip France is the leading reseller in France and Europe of Sky3ds.

* 1 If your package has any external signs of damage, please refuse the package.
Otherwise you will not be able to benefit from a refund of your order sky3ds.


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