Hack Wii U CFW iosUHax 5.5.1 & 5.5.2

Hack Wii U CFW iosUHax 5.5.1 & 5.5.2

Hack Wii U CFW iosUHax 5.5.1 & 5.5.2

The WiiU Hack 5.5.1 & 5.5.2 with a CFW finally available at Modchip France

Launch your backups "games" without risk of Brick on external hard drive

Reduction of shipping costs with the Hardmod Installation for WiiU

If you have any questions or special queries about this Wii U hack do not hesitate to contact us by selecting "Nintendo Customer Service".

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How to send for the hack of your console

- Order this service.

- A confirmation email is sent to you with the delivery address.

- Properly pack your WiiU + Gamepad (Screen Controller) + cables.

- Put in the package the reference of your order.

- Once the parcel sent, thank you to send us your tracking number by email.

What is IosuHax?

You must first be in firmware version 5.5.1 & 5.5.2 on your Wii U console. (Modchip France takes care of the update if necessary)

IOSU HAX can boot "start" on a CFW (Custom firmware), it is in the SD card prepared by Modchip France.

Thanks to this CFW all the "backup" games are launched without problem, because the signature of verification of the files is deactivated.

With IsoUhax, Backups "games" are launched from a USB support

How Modchip France proceeds for the Wii U Hack?

We will mount a hardmod to dump your Sysnand 100% hardware.

Hardmod installation by Modchip France

Then we will prepare your SD card to receive the file nand.bin

Then we will configure the Rednand.

We unleash the nand to separate the Sysnand from the Rednand, so the 2 nand behave separately from each other.

Sysnand: This is the actual nand (memory) of your console.

Rednand: This is the nand redirection that is on your SD.

List of advantages of IOSu compared to other Wii U hack

Play in peace, Modchip France took care of all the installation.

 No more risk of brick, finished HS consoles by mistake of manipulation.

 The signature of the files and disabled, no more head to look for files. (As for the Brazilian hack)

Usb stick or external hard drive in usb for storing all your backups.

the dlc ... Eshop, and online games are possible!

Access to the vWii * hacked to launch USb loader and enjoy your Wii games on hard drive separate from that of the wii U

vWii: This is the Wii side in your WiiU that is hackable and allows you to start wii games.

Presentation of the Wii U hack in video - Tuto to launch Wii U backup with a flashed WiiU:

A large capacity SD and an external hard drive why?

At Modchip France we want the hack Wii U once home is simple, that's why we offer card sd large capacity optional with this service, it is not mandatory of course, but it will serve you quickly .

It is on the SD card that your WiiU games are placed to install them on the hard disk, this day it is the only known method!

We provide you an optional 1TB or 2TB external hard drive compatible with the WiiU hack we tested them before,

These external hard drives will allow you to install your games on a USB support and to launch your games from this support in all tranquility.

New Wii U Hack

Be careful, this is the new hack on Wii-U. It has nothing to do with what's been happening on the Wii hack scene for a few months with Loadiine gx2 via the SSBB exploiter kernel editor Mii, the internet browser of the wiiu, etc .. nor the exploit Smash stack, the modified backup of Super Smash Bros.

Hack Wii U Tutorial

As usual, Modchip France does not just offer the installation of a connector on your console, but provides you with quality support to use it. For more than 10 years now, we are recognized for that, we do not let you delivered to yourself with our products purchased!

Also on the Blog Modchip France you will find tutorial soon linked to hack wiiu, very detailed on handling related to flashing.

Currently, a tutorial is being prepared on our site for the use of a flashed Wii U. A video support that will help you handling files, install a homebrew launcher to launch backup games wii u, the use of usb loader gx, etc.

Find the latest news about the Wii U jailbreak on our Facebook Page.

If you have any questions or queries about this Wii U hack do not hesitate to contact us by selecting "Nintendo Customer Service".

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