All articles linked to this page are subject to the charter below, all customers ordering items subject to this charter, must have read and approved

1-1- Modchip France can not be held responsible for fraudulent use of products subject to this charter. The buyer of a product or products is the sole responsible for the use he / she makes.

1-2- You have the right to copy software or games only if you own the original (creation of a backup copy). By the non-respect of this text and the resulting laws (available below) you are guilty of violation of the code of the intellectual property. Modchip France can not be held responsible for the illegal uses (acts of piracy) exerted by one of its customers.

EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE 91/250 OF 10-05-1991

Article 5 (excerpt) A person entitled to use the computer program may not be prevented by contract from making a backup copy to the extent that it is necessary for such use.

List of texts relating to the backup copies (this list is not exhaustive and cases of jurisprudence are not mentioned): A122-4, 122-5, 122-6, 122-6-1, 122-6 -2, 122-7, 131-3, R335-1, R335-2 of the intellectual property code. European Directive 91/250 of 10/05/91 and 92/100 of 19/11/92.

If you order a product for the purpose of using or creating copies of backups, you must be aware of all the texts governing the purchase and use.