Payment by credit card

Order with confidence


Modchip France has chosen to be a partner of the e-transactions service of Crédit Agricole to secure your payments.

Payment is made on secure banking servers of our partner E-transactions Credit Agricole. These services incorporate the SSL security standard. The confidential data communicated by the buyer (the 16-digit bank card number and the expiry date) are immediately encrypted in SSL mode and transmitted encrypted on the E-transactions server without passing on the physical supports of Modesquare.
Payment by credit card is perfectly secure, your order will be registered and validated upon acceptance of payment by the bank you have chosen.
Your bank and personal data are not stored on our server

When placing your order at, you are directly connected to the ATOS payment system.

ATOS SIPS ™ communicates with a payment server, which takes control throughout the payment phase: the buyer types his credit card number directly on a bank's SIPS ™ server, which checks the validity of the transaction and accepts or refuses payment then, the SIPS ™ server warns the merchant of the success or failure of the transaction.

The Bank Card number of the customer is only known to the bank: it is not transmitted to the merchant.