Procedure to return a product to Modchip France

Any request for return must be done according to the following process (Not by email or by phone)

First, you can request a return if your order has the following status:

- In delivering

- Delivered

It is not possible to make a return request if your order is in the following status:

- Accepted payment

- On-going preparation

Step 1: Log in to your customer area

Step 2: Click on your order history

Step 3: Click on the detail of the order to return

Step 4: Click on the "+" to scroll the order detail and check the box above "Reference".

Step 5: Mention the reason for your return request and click on "Generate a return"

Step 6: Your return request has been made. Modchip France customer service handles return requests within 24 / 48h (excluding public holidays) An email will be sent to you with the acceptance or not of the return and the instructions to return the product if necessary.