Buy New 2DS XL Cracked CFW luma 3ds Boot9Strap "B9S - SIGHAX"

Buy New 2DS XL Cracked CFW luma 3ds Boot9Strap "B9S - SIGHAX"

Buy New 2DS XL Cracked CFW luma 3ds Boot9Strap "B9S - SIGHAX"

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 Forget the 3ds game cartridges!

  Modchip France took care of everything. Your Nintendo 2DS will be ready to launch your games.

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New 2DS XL the new console that expands the family

The latest nintendo console is available at Modchip France!

The New 2ds XL takes the complete hardware of its sister, the new 3ds ie a SoC ARM11MPCore quad core of 804 Mhz surmounted by a PICA 200 204Mhz. A power monster for such a small console.

Only the side 3D Relief was not included on this console as the 2DS at the time.

Regarding the display, the New 2DS XL takes the same tiles as the new 3DS XL with 12.4 cm diagonal for the top and 10.61 cm diagonal for the touch screen at the bottom. What to have a comfortable visual to play his video games.

Titles exclusively New 3ds will run smoothly on the New 2DS. His weight is also lighter.

Features of New 2DS XL CFW Luma3DS:

Model: New 2DS XL
Sysnand: 11.6
SD card: 4 GB by default
Equipment: box, (charger included!)

The Hack New 2DS XL is here!

Why crack a 2ds?

A New 2DS (xl) in CFW what is it?

First of all let's understand some important terms regarding this 3DS hack:

Sysnand: This is the "nand" memory actually present in your Nintendo 2ds / 2ds xl.

Emunand: This is a virtual nand created from your real nand that is placed on your SD card.

CFW: Custom firmware is an original firmware that has been modified to launch unsigned code such as "the Homebrew launcher".

Give power to your console!

Cracker the 2ds: Thanks to CFW luma v8.0 and SigHax you give it more power! (This is not possible on old 3DS and old 3DS XL)

You can stream, ie record your video game parts and broadcast them on Twitch youtube Dailymotion etc ...


 Your console * is OVERCLOCKED "overclocking" to increase the power of Your new 2ds.

* Only available for New 3ds and New 3ds xl, New 2ds xl

Convert your 3ds game cartridges into .cia directly with your console (available for all console versions)

With your hacked console enjoy a multitude of games, this is why high-capacity sd cards to put your content are offered by Modchip France.

Tuto video Installation uninstalling * .CIA file on cracked New Nintendo 2DS

How to install .CIA on a New 2DS CFW Luma3DS

SIGHAX: This is an exploit that allows you to execute code directly at the boot of the console (In our case we launch a CFW LUMA3ds).

Autoboot: Automatic start without any manipulation to perform. Nothing more practical!

The Advantage of a New 2DS XL in CFW: The Ultimate New 2DS Hack

 No need for Linker to launch your 3ds games on the Nintendo handheld.

 All games are installed in .cia format on the SD or micro SD card .

 It is always possible to connect to the Eshop Online without worrying about having a Private Header.

 Modchip France is busy with everything! CFW installations on Emunand, backup nand (if problem) and autoboot on Emuand.

100% safe, 100% reliable and direct.

NB: Modchip France works safely with its consoles, a backup nand (copy of the memory of the console) is done before any manipulation, this nand will be given in the SD or micro SD card of your New 2DS XL.

Using a * Linker DS type R4 is possible on a nintendo console passed in CFW.

*By default, Nintendo blocks access to older DS type R4 linkers with a CFW Aureinand and the correct patches, the R4 linkers are again functional to play DS games on 3DS CFW Aureinand.

Access to the sysnand is blocked to prevent an accidental update of it.

The hacked 2DS you bought at Modchip France are equipped with the latest Luma3DS update. (Luma3DS is currently in version V7.0.1)

Buy a New 2DS XL at Modchip France

The new 2DS XL sold at Modchip France are new and under warranty. A quality service is ensured by our technical teams.

Modchip France warranty 1 * year its consoles New 2DS XL!

* The guarantee applies on the software part of the console, ie in case of loss of the CFW

Modchip France undertakes to restore Arm9 laoder HAx and CFW on your console Free for 1 year.

What can I do with my SigHax CFW Luma3ds New 2DS XL?

Play with your 3ds games directly from your SD or micro SD. (All 3DS games in the Nintendo catalog are compatible as Pokemon Sun and Moon for example)

The dlc and updates of your games are also available in .cia and installable from your 2ds.

A Nintendo New 2DS XL in CFW is rezoned for your USA or JAP games.

  Play also with your virtual console games on your Nintendo CFW   .

2DS CFW Luma3DS Tutorial with Sighax

As usual, Modchip France does not just sell 3DS CFW but also provide technical support for its use. Feel free to ask your questions on our Facebook page.

For more than 10 years now, we are recognized for that, we do not let you delivered to yourself with our products purchased!

You can already, at first, watch our video on the use of the CFW present on this product sheet. If you liked, do not forget to subscribe to the Youtube Channel Modchip France so you do not miss reviews of new products or tutorials on how to use hacked game consoles.

Also on the Blog Modchip France you will find tutorials related to the CFW on 3DS, very detailed on the manipulations of the different menu, how to update its game console, how to update its hombrew such FBI with a WiFi internet connection.

Subscribe to our Facebook account if you want to follow the news of the console hack, like the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3ds xl or the PS Vita.

Do you already have a New 2DS XL and you want to flash it?

Modchip France offers downgrade 2DS and installation of custom firmware Luma3DS in its latest version V7.0.1


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