Buy 3DS (xl) / 2DS / N3DS (xl) Cracked Collector & Limited Edition "ARM 9 loader HAX" CFW

Buy 3DS (xl) / 2DS / N3DS (xl) Cracked Collector & Limited Edition "ARM 9 loader HAX" CFW

Buy 3DS (xl) / 2DS / N3DS (xl) Cracked Collector & Limited Edition "ARM 9 loader HAX" CFW

Nintendo 3DS (xl) / 2DS / N3DS (xl) NEW in CFW LUMAds v9.0 "BOOT9STRAP" 11.6.0-39E for the Online

Currently Available!

Modchip France took care of everything! Your Nintendo 3DS (xl) / 2DS / N3DS (xl) is ready to start your games!

If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact us by selecting "Nintendo DS Customer Service".

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Model: New 3DS xl / New 2ds xl
Sysnand: 11.6.0-39
Version: 11.6.0-39E
SD card: 4 GB (default sd)
Equipment: box, (optional charger), Sd card

A 3DS (xl) / 2DS / N3DS (xl) console in CFW what is it?

First of all, let's understand some important terms:

Sysnand: This is the "nand" memory actually present in your 3ds / 3dsxl.

Emunand: This is a virtual nand created from your real nand that is placed on your SD card.

CFW: Custom firmware is an original firmware that has been modified to launch unsigned code such as "the Homebrew launcher.

Tuto Installation uninstalling * .CIA file

Autoboot: Automatic start without any manipulation on the emunand.

The advantages of a 3DS (xl) / 2DS / New 3DS (xl) in CFW: the ultimate hack on 3DS

 No need for Linker to launch your 3ds games. Compatible with all games without exception including the latest releases of the market.

 All games are installed in cia format to put on the SD card or micro SD .

 It is still possible to connect to Eshop Online without worrying about having a Private Header. Ditto for online games :)

 Modchip France took care of everything! Installation of the CFW on the Emunand system, backup nand (if problem) and autoboot on Emuand.

100% safe, 100% reliable and direct.

NB: Modchip France works safely with its consoles, a backup nand (copy of the memory of the console) is performed before any manipulation, this nand will be given in the SD card or micro SD of your 3DS (xl) / 2DS / N3DS (xl).

Good to know: Using a Linker DS * type R4 is possible on a Nintendo console passed in CFW.

*By default nintendo blocks access to old DS type R4i linkers (r4i gold) with CFW Luma3ds and adequate patches, linkers R4i 3ds (Gateway 3ds or Sky3ds) are again functional to play your SD games on 3DS CFW Aureinand .

Access to the sysnand is blocked to avoid updating it.

Modchip france warranty 1year * your 3DS / 3DS XL / 2DS / N3DS (xl).

* The guarantee applies to the software part of the console, ie if the CFW is lost. All custom firmware is tested and crushed in all directions before being put into production.
Free for Modchip France customers:
Modchip France undertakes to restore Arm9 laoder HAx and CFW on your console for free for 1 year

What can I do with my 3DS (xl) / 2DS / N3DS (xl) Arm 9 Laoder Hax CFW Aureinand?

Play with your 3ds games directly from your SD or SDHC SDHC through an intuitive menu. Just click on 2, 3 buttons to start your game.

Play with your 3ds games directly from your SD or SDHC SDHC through an intuitive menu. Just click on 2, 3 buttons to start your game.

A Nintendo 3DS (xl) / 2DS / N3DS (xl) in CFW Dezonated for your USA or JAP games.

  Play also with your virtual console games on your Nintendo CFW   .

With flashing of a 3DS you can forget about all the 3DS linkers, r4i gold 3DS, DS2 supercard, sky3ds linker

Why buy his 3DS CFW on the Modchip France online store?

As usual, Modchip France does not just offer the installation of CFW on your console, but provides you with quality support to use it. Cracker a video game console is not trivial, for over 10 years now, we are recognized for that, we do not let you delivered to yourself with our products purchased!

After having revolutionized the PS3 hack market in France with the sale of ultra-optimized jailbreaked playstation 3 games at competitive prices, we now offer you an ultimate hack on the 3DS! Use pro!

You can already, at first, see our video on the use of the CFW to get more information on its use. If you liked, do not forget to subscribe to the Youtube channel Modchip France not to miss reviews of new products or tutorials on hacked game consoles. Articles are quite regularly posted on our Blog and on which you can ask your questions on the forum part. And at worst, go through our contact section!

Also on the Blog Modchip France you will find tutorials related to the flash 3DS, very detailed on manipulations. You will find explanations on the Rxtools, fbi, cfw Pasta, Reinand, Cubic Ninja etc. A download section for the programs is at your disposal.

Tutorials are available on our website and video support on our Youtube channel will help you to manipulate files to install on flashed 3DS.

All news, especially regarding Nintendo updates will be posted on our Facebook. We are also in the middle of a real hack on the psp, ps Vita.

A little reminder about the law: If the jailbreak of your consoles is legal, you can not download rom 3ds, copies of 3DS games. You are ready to make your own copies.

Modchip France is an official reseller of The Cobra Team (Cobra Ode PS3), Team Sky3DS (Linker 3DS), Datel (Action Replay Powersaves Plus).


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