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We sell modchips to France and around the world. We have the best customer service, and aim to have the lowest prices for official products.

MODCHIP FRANCE offers you the latest and greatest Modchips and Flashcards for consoles and handhelds like the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One as well as the Nintendo Wii , Wii U and 3DS. We also offer a vast range of repair parts and tools.

One of the big highlights, in our current product range, is the new Sky3DS+ for the Nintendo 3DS. This new Flashcard enables you to launch backups off your 3DS games from a single card. 3DS Users should check out the PowerSaves Plus Action Replay which can be used to have a lot of cheats code on 3DS console.

Changing your console lets you play games with your copies on different media: DVD, external hard drive, etc. ...

Modchip France remains support for all questions once your modified console games.

We're enhancing consoles since 1998.