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We are specialized in the following modifications:

PS3 Fat, Slim and Ultra Slim: Downgrade, jailbreak, installation of CFW. Benefit to debannir your PS3, purchase of CID PS3.

3DS, New 3DS XL, 2DS: Sale sky3ds, StarGate 3DS, 3DS map, R4 3DS, R4 2DS, skydock. Hack 3ds: cfw installation, debugging and 3DS downgrade.

PowerSaves Plus 3DS - Action Replay. Sale of new and guaranteed 3DS CFWs. New 3DS XL flashed consoles.

Xbox360 Fat and Slim: Flashing and ODE pose like the X360Key (XKR). RGH installation - Glitch.

Hack Wii-U: Flashing, installation of CFW on Wii-U. Sell ​​the flashed WiiU. Nintendo game consoles hacked ready for use.

PS Vita Hack: Sale SD2Vita Adapter and purchase of PS Vita cracked.

Hack Playstation 4: Sale of the PS4 MTX Key Chip. The PS4 jailbreak is finally available. PS4 hack benefits will soon be available on our shop. The sale of and Ps4 jailbreak is open but with a very limited stock.

Purchase PS4 4.05 and 4.55: New consoles ready for the jailbreak.

Hack Nintendo Switch: Solutions to flash your Nintendo Switch will be available at the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2018.

Sale of SNES Mini hacked.

Changing your console will allow you to play with your backup copies (ISO) from an external hard drive or use etched games.

Information on the benefits of the online store Modchip France:

For more than 10 years Modchip France - Modchip83 has established itself as one of the best specialist in the modification of nextgen game consoles by correspondence in France. With our experience we offer a service of recognized quality and reliability. So you can consult the many opinions of customers who have already used our services at the bottom of the product sheets.

The after-sales service is performed by an efficient technical team that listens to its customers.

Modchip France in figures in 2018: More than 10600 registered customers with a satisfaction rate of 98.6%. Social networks: 2500 Facebook subscribers. 2327 Twitter followers. 1,500 Youtube subscribers.

1st Sky3ds reseller in France and Europe in 2016 and 2017.

To modify your console by correspondence, you can go to the FLASH / PUCES - ODE sections specific to each game console.

Once the console is modified, tips to use your console in the best conditions, such as updates not to do, and at competitive rates, will be provided.

Modchip France - (formerly Modchip 83) tries to practice the cheapest market prices on the ODE for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Modchip France is official supplier of the biggest hack solutions: Xecuter SX Pro / Sky3ds / Cobra Ode / X3Max / X360dock / Datel / X360Key.

Modchip France is an e-commerce site with a secure and recognized payment solution provided by Credit Agricole.


Economic partners who support us: Credit Agricole Provence / Groupama / La Poste Colissimo Pro / Global Relay / Fedex / DHL / Cabinet Expert Accountant LG Audit.

Tutorials on the use of modified game consoles and news about the Ps4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii-U, 3DS 2DS and PS Vita hack hack:
The world of consoles is constantly evolving, both on the hacker side, the side consoles manufacturers as well as game publishers, do not hesitate to regularly visit the blog Modchip France or simply to subscribe to the Facebook page and Twitter.

News and tutorials are regularly offered on the Blog. Youtube channel Modchip France also offers some video tutorials on the use of cracked consoles.


The top products and services for the 2nd quarter of 2018 !!!

Hack PS4: Sale of the PS4 MTX Key2Vita Chip Following an update of Sony, the chip is no longer usable.

Sale of the adapter SD2Vita and purchase ps vita cracked. Purchase of new PS Vita flashed.

3DS Hack, New 2DS XL: Sky3DS and Stargate 3DS Linkers or 3DS in CFW
Make your choice between the most famous 3DS card on the market or the ultimate hack on Nintendo 3DS.

Hack WiiU: installation of a CFW on Wii-U console to launch your ISO backups
Launch your WiiU backups from an external hard drive with CFW isoUHax. Installing a firmware cutom from a console version 5.5.1

Arrival of SNES MINI at Modchip France
We have stock on Mini SNES flashes, so do not hesitate! If you want to hack your Super NES, contact us.

PS4 Hack
A PS4 jailbreak begins to appear for the Playstation in version 4.05 and 4.55. Stay be connected;) Sale of new PS4 4.55 ready to hack! or PS4 already jailbroken with internal hard drive change of the optional console.